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Enhancing student achievement
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We inspire government, education and community leaders, and business partners to become champions of hands-on science and STEM learning as the tool for a skilled and competitive workforce in the 21st century.




We connect researchers and students to tools and supplies for the classroom, and top professional development experiments that provide research-based learning programs for students.




We advocate for policy and legislative changes (at all levels) that put hands-on science materials, tools, programs and equipment into the hands of teachers and students.

Testimonial 1

“We joined the Hands On Science Partnership to raise awareness in Congress, the Administration, about the critical role that STEM education plays in enabling the U.S. to be a competitive world leader of science. As a manufacturer, we see the need for employees that have the skills to work in a manufacturing environment. Students completing hands-on science in the classroom develop critical thinking and attention to detail and problem solving, so they have the skills to be competitive in the workforce.”

Alex Molinich

Aldon Corporation


Testimonial 2

“The Hands On Science Partnership has been a valuable ally to the cause of STEM education over many years. HOSP advocacy in Congress was instrumental in keeping science in the accountability spotlight during the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act. Their continued diligence at the federal and state level is a big reason why we have seen robust funding for ESSA and consistent prioritization of science and STEM learning at the local level as ESSA is being implemented. Our job as a STEM advocacy organization would be a lot harder if the companies that make up HOSP were not so engaged.”

James Brown
Executive Director

STEM Education Coalition


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Our members are committed to advocating for quality hands-on, inquiry based science education nationwide.
Join us as we advocate for hands-on science teaching and learning on Capitol Hill and in state houses across the counrty.


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